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Best weight loss pills UK

Amongst many weight loss pills that we have reviewed, we found the following weight loss supplements to be the best in terms of effectiveness and safety:

UniqueHoodia – Best Hoodia Appetite Suppressant

Unique Hoodia offers you a whopping 495mg of Hoodia Gordonii per pill, which is more than most of the competitors (they offer 400mg or less). And we're talking here about real and genuine Hoodia Gordonii that was legally imported from South Africa.

We also have to mention that UniqueHoodia has all the required certifications that a serious Hoodia Gordonii product should have (CITES, Organic Annex Certificate and Certificate of Analysis). Those certificates are readily available at their official website and anyone can see them.


Hoodia appetite suppressant
Average monthly weight loss 5-20 lbs
Main ingredient 100% Hoodia Gordonii powder
Prescription required? No
Side effects? No
Money back guarantee 6 months

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Phen375 – Best Fat Burner

Phen375 is probably the most potent legal alternative to the all famous Phentermine. Phen375 contains fully synthetic ingredients in order to give you maximum fat burning capacity. All ingredients are made in an FDA regulated lab, which should tell you that this is a serious weight loss product.

Although it contains synthetic ingredients, Phen375 is pretty safe weight loss supplement, without anyone reporting side effects so far. We got in touch with Phen375 manufacturers and they confirmed to us - re-order rate is high, which means only one thing: Phen375 works.


Fat burner
Average monthly weight loss 5-18 lbs
Main ingredient Cyclic AMP enzyme boosters
Prescription required? No
Side effects? No
Money back guarantee 45 days

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Proactol – Best Fat Binder

Proactol works by binding to a part of your fat intake, making it too large to be absorbed by your body. To be more precise, Proactol can bind up to 27% of your dietary fat intake and eliminate it naturally out of your body.

Proactol has 5 published clinical studies, it has great medical endorsements. The main ingredient is called NeOpuntia, which is derived from Opuntia Ficus Indica nutritious cactus. NeOpuntia was researched since 1996 and in numerous clinical trials it was shown that NeOpuntia contains great fat binding properties.


Fat binder
Average monthly weight loss 5-15 lbs
Main ingredient NeOpuntia
Prescription required? No
Side effects? No
Money back guarantee 6 months

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Pure Acai Berry Max – Best Acai supplement

It was really refreshing to see that Pure Acai Berry Max didn't offer free trial. Manufacturers are well aware of all those Acai free trial scam offers around the Internet and that's why they're offering you here the real thing. If you want to get this supplement, you will have to pay for it. No free stuff, no auto-ship programs.

Pure Acai Berry Max gives you 1,500mg of Acai Berry per day and it comes with Certificate of Analysis. Acai berries used in this supplement were freeze dried right after they were picked up – that is the only way to keep all the health benefits of Acai Berry.


Acai Berry supplement
Average monthly weight loss 3-12 lbs
Main ingredient Freeze dried Acai Berry
Prescription required? No
Side effects? No
Money back guarantee 6 months

Read Pure Acai Berry Max review | Visit Pure Acai Berry Max website

The choice is only yours

Now that we have listed what we think are the best weight loss pills, it's up to you to choose the most effective supplement for yourself. In case you're still wondering which one to choose, let us help you even further:

  • If you're looking to suppress your appetite as much as possible (not be hungry all the time), then go for UniqueHoodia.
  • If you want to lose weight rapidly with one of the strongest fat burners around and if you don't mind synthetic ingredients, go for Phen375.
  • If you want to continue eating high fat meals and still be able to lose some weight, then go for Proactol.
  • Finally, if you're looking for other health benefits besides losing weight, then you might want to take a closer look into Pure Acai Berry Max.
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